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How Does The Heart Cardiovascular System Work?

Updated: February 29, 2024

Our circulatory and nervous system are connected through organ and bodily functions. Our brains control these functions through our nervous system. Without these messages to our nervous system, our circulatory system would not be able to keep our hearts functioning, circulate, remove fluids/bodily waste throughout our bodies, and maintain our lymphatic system. The circulatory system nourishes the entire nervous system. Both systems have specialized functions that work independently; however, together they depend on each other to make sure our bodies are working properly.


The circulatory system is comprised of arteries, veins, and capillaries and if laid out end to end would span about 60,000 miles with most of the length comprised of capillaries. The circulatory system has two divisions

1.) the cardiovascular system regulates blood flow to the heart, oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate and

2.) the lymphatic system helps protect our immune system, provides nutrients, and transports interstitial fluid to cells. Regulated by messages from the brain to the nervous system, the nervous and circulatory systems are connected through the lymphatic system and its function; both depending on each other for maintaining homeostasis.

Nervous System and Circulatory System

The circulatory system brings nutrients and oxygen to the nervous system and moves hormones. The nervous system sends electrochemical signals throughout the body and the circulatory system moves our blood. Both bodily systems functioning properly to maintain overall good health is especially important.

How Can RST-SANEXAS Help Me With Pain Management?

RST-SANEXAS Electric cell-Signaling Technology (EcST) neoGEN® treatment is #1 in pain management and local blood circulation by utilizing sophisticated and painless electro-energy waves. Electrical impulses sent from the neoGEN® device communicates the electric signals delivered to the area of concern on the body at different wavelengths allowing the damaged cells and surrounding tissue to start their recovery processes. The device includes all know electro-physiologic parameters for generating and delivering non-invasive, safe, effective, non-pharmaceutical Electric cell-Signaling Treatment (EcST) for high patient compliance outcomes and satisfaction. The neoGEN® is a patented medical device that can administer and bio-electrically trigger various and desired physiological mechanisms of action for treatment of various painful conditions, circulation issues, muscle reeducation, prevention of phlebothrombosis, and improve other medical conditions.

To keep you blood vessels flexible and increase your blood flow, Nitric Oxide (NO) is a gas that is released by the endothelial cells into your blood stream as an intracellular and complements the nervous system. This vaso-dilator promotes healthy blood circulation, improves heart function, strengthens the immune system, fights against infectious disease, increases energy and stamina levels, supports health blood pressure, and many other benefits.


Give your body a boost of Nitric Oxide by adding it to your daily routine to increase the size of your veins and arteries to help improve your circulatory system and reduce stress on your heart by increasing Oxygen (O2) flow throughout your body. Add RST-SANEXAS VasoHealth Nitric Oxide, a nutritional boost of support to your cardiovascular and circulatory systems today and start feeling the benefits of this heart healthy, circulatory supplement. Your body with thank you. Our RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series® device provides a complete integrative healthcare solution for hospitals, clinics, and private facilities. To find out more about how this innovative device can benefit your patients and how you can obtain one for use in your practice, contact RST-SANEXAS at www.rstsanexas.com. To give your patients a boost of Nitric Oxide, it can be supplied either as an in-office or after-care product.

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