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Mineral Crystals


The mineral crystals can assist with signal conduction, resonance generation, harmonics clarity, and electric mineralization. Item #MR 2013 Pack of 10

Analgesic Balm and Spray



Analgesic Balm: Premium topical balm with patented, polarized CBD, Arnica, turmeric and essential oils for pain relief and post-treatment “afterglow”. The balm is THC free, easily absorbed and fast acting. The professional size is excellent for high-volume clinical use.

Analgesic Spray: Specialized spray-type formula for pain relief and post-treatment “afterglow”, which is easily absorbed and fast acting.

1 oz Balm Item #90100
3 oz Professional size Balm Item #90120
8 oz Analgesic Spray Item #90110

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SynRG Light Pad


A wireless LED medical device that emits photon energy into the body. Energy produced is from two separate frequency wavelength bands (60 medical grade LEDs) for pain relief, increased circulation and tissue oxygenation.
Item # 55105

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RST Vasohealth

VasoHealth Nitric Oxide boost to improve blood flow, build cardiovascular health, increase energy, and support a healthy immune system by improving delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles there-by increasing energy and stamina.
Item #90130
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Hot/Cold Gel Pack



Flexible, non-toxic, reusable hot or cold hot gel pack for heat or cold therapy, which includes a 10” & 18” Velcro strap to hold close to the body.

Item # 30518-10 ( 10 inch )

Item # 30518-18 ( 18 inch )

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