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Ways Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Recovery

A physical therapist’s main goals are to help relieve pain, improve joint movement, assist in recovery from an injury or surgery, and prevent disability. The road to recovery can be a long and challenging process. Physical therapists play a significant role in helping improve your quality of life. Let’s get physical and get your body walking the walk and talking the talk. The Role of a Physical Therapist A physical therapist is a trained medical professional. While many PTs have earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, they are not medical doctors or physicians. They specialize and are...

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Opioid usage reduced with a non-opioid treatment

Opioid prescriptions today continue to play a role in the addictive crisis even though there are other treatment options to help manage pain. In the late 1990’s pharmaceutical companies reassured the healthcare community that patients would not become addicted to opioid pain relievers. Healthcare professionals began to prescribe them which later led to widespread misuse and later proved to be addictive. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) since 2012 the overall prescribing rate of opioids is down suggesting that healthcare professionals are being more cautious...

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The History of Using Bioelectricity in Medicine

Dating back centuries, electricity has been used in ancient medical treatments. The historical journey begins dating back to ancient Egypt where electric fish played a big part in bioelectricity and electrotherapy. The electric fish known as the Nile catfish were used by ancient Egyptians for medical treatments. This was due to their bilateral polar field believed to be electrical in nature and able to deliver an electrical shock to help treat arthritis pain and headaches. Studies of electric eels were done in 1775 by John Walsh and John Hunter, Surgeon, who influenced the thinking of Luigi Galvani...

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What is Electric-cell Signalizing (EcST)?

Electric cell-Signaling (EcST) is the ability to use multiple comprehensive signals along with electrical energy waves with harmonic resonance to direct the cells to do specific things. That is just a fundamental process by which the cells in the nervous system correspond with each other to process the information and do what they need to do. EcST is taking energy medicine in a quantum-based or physics-based medicine approach using ¼ tone scale and musical law in with electrical current specific frequencies to do specific functions. Electric cell-Signaling Benefits: Electric modality of...

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