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Veterans who served need our HELP!

Many of our Vietnam War Veterans were exposed to a toxic, plant herbicide called Agent Orange that was used by the U.S. to clear foliage in Vietnam. The U.S. sprayed over 11 million gallons of Agent Orange throughout Vietnam; in fact, over 20 times more than the manufacturer recommended. Those that came in contact with the chemical were exposed to it by breathing it in, absorbing it through the skin, ingesting it from food and drinks exposed to the herbicide, and absorbing it through mouth, eyes, and through physical contact. Agent Orange contains a chemical called dioxin, made from burning chlorine with carbon and hydrogen. Exposure is known to cause damage and destroy vital organs, the immune system, nerve cells, and is well-known to cause cancer. As of 2020, there are over 14 diseases associated with the exposure to Agent Orange that the Veteran’s Administration has acknowledged such as Peripheral Neuropathy, Parkinson, Type 2 Diabetes, Multiple Myeloma, Leukemias, Lymphomas, Soft Tissue Sarcomas, and the list goes on.

Besides being exposed to Agent Orange and the severe health issue it caused, there are many Veterans who have faced major traumatic limb amputation and chronic (intractable) long-term pain. They continue to live with moderate to extreme pain, known as “phantom limb pain,” described as burning, cramping, and shooting pain. It is believed that this pain is caused by the remodeling of the central nervous system (CNS) starting at the affected limb and moving throughout the entire sensory pathway all the way up to the cortex. Approximately 85% to 100% of individuals with an amputation experience phantom pain.

Published May 2015 in Practical Pain Management “Mitigating Phantom-Limb Pain with Electric Cell Signaling – A Case Report” authors Richard Sorgnard, PhD, Robert H. Odell, MD, PhD, Robert Milne, MD, and Roy Cary, PA treated a 73-year- old Hispanic bilateral amputee with the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device. The patient described his pain as constant and between 9-10 out of a scale of 10. The first week the patient was treated for 20 minutes daily and continued treatments every other day. From late May to early June, he received 20 treatments, and the phantom pain was greatly reduced. He continued a maintenance treatment schedule on an as “needed basis” with his last visit marking 12-months of treatments. Upon completion and over time, the patient found no phantom limb pain.

Meet Vietnam Veteran, Kenny Brown

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Kenny joined the Navy in 1965 and served in Vietnam as a Boatsman Mate III, BM#3. He was a squad leader and captain of a crew of 6 men on a “junk patrol” LCM boat out of Da Nang, Vietnam. His job was to patrol and secure the water ways of any enemy cargo ships or suspicious activity. It was a dangerous job.

During his 3 tours of duty, he was exposed to the defoliant, Agent Orange, and later suffered the long-term effects of skin melanoma, diabetes, and extreme allergies. He is resistant to insulin and unable to take any pain medications due to his allergies, so he has been unable to find a solution to his pain associated neuropathy due to his diabetes. Because of his lack of sensation due to diabetes, he got a serious foot wound that he noticed only because there was blood on his sock. Two years ago, Kenny started neoGEN® Electric cell-Signaling Treatments (EcST) with Dr. Robert Odell at Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas to relieve his pain associated with neuropathy.

Testimonial “While serving in Vietnam I was exposed to a defoliate name “Agent Orange”. One of my many side effects of the exposure is diabetes/neuropathy. I have been blessed to find and receive RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® treatments that have saved my feet! I pray that anyone that is suffering from pain in any part of their body will take advantage of this miracle therapy.” Kenny Brown

We at RST-SANEXAS honor all Veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces and all the active military men and women who are currently serving our country. We are dedicated to helping you find a doctor in your area that can improve your health and well-being with our #1 Pain Management and Circulation RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device. There is HOPE! https://www.rstsanexas.com/Find a Doctor

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