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5-Way Cable

5waywire-minFlexible patient cable with molded channel separation yoke for connection to patient lead wires (sold separately). Cable yoke allows for two isolated circuits or channels of electric signal energy. One circuit or channel has three connection ports available for providing three-point anatomical or deep tissue stereotactic treatment. Item # 75100

Lead Wires

leadwires-minFive Insulated and color-coded patient lead wires with .080 pin connector for use in the 5-Way Patient Cable (sold separately). Item # 75200

Bifurcated Lead Wires

bifurcatedleadwires-minFour bifurcated, insulated and color-coded patient lead wires with .080 pin connectors. Each lead wire splits into two separate anatomical contact electrode pins for treating two separate anatomical sites. Four bifurcated patient lead wires would allow eight separate electrodes for treatment placement. Item # 75400

Hospital-Grade Power Cord – Type Y

hospitalgradeYpowercord-min2 cords in 1 ( Power Cord and Short Main) 10 foot. Item # 51108

Hospital-Grade Power Cord

hospitalgradepowercord-minLong mains power cord for connection to an AC electric outlet. Item # 51109

Device Interconnect Cable

deviceinterconnectedcable-minShort cable for connecting two medical devices allowing the exchange of the electric treatment signal energy, e.g. mainframe treatment device and the vasopneumatic electrode system. Item # 51111

Short Mains Power Cord

shortmainspowercord-minShort AC power cable for electrical connection between two approved electronic devices, e.g., mainframe treatment device and vasopneumatic electrode system. Item # 51110

Electrode Tube

Hypoallergenic, color coded, flexible vacuum tube, which includes a totally encased conductive stainless steel wire inside for delivering electric treatment energy from the VP, VPX vasopneumatic device to the vacuum cup electrode.

white_green-electrode-tubeWhite/Green Electrode Tube – Item # 85501

white-electrode-tubeWhite Electrode Tube – Item # 85502

red_green-electrode-tubeRed/Green Electrode Tube – Item # 85503

red-electrode-tubeRed Electrode Tube – Item # 85504

Adhesive Anatomical Electrode

Adhesive, single patient disposable adhesive electrodes, which comply with all regulatory standards. These adhesive electrodes are engineered for all electrical currents, including higher frequencies and multiplexed signal energy and can be re-used approximately 10-15 times.

2_-round2” Round – Item # 4175 Pack of Four

3_-round3” Round – Item # 4300 Pack of Four

4_-round4” Round – Item # 4400 Pack of Four

RST 1×13 adhesive electrodes1” x 13” Strip Adhesive – Item # 4113 Pack of Two

Flexible Carbon Electrode

Flexible carbon electrodes are insulated on one side to prevent accidental electric energy delivery to the technician during anatomical treatment application to the patient. Engineered for use with higher frequency or multiplexed electrical energy signals. Offered in a number of user-friendly sizes for optimum treatment application.

4×6-oval4” x 6” Oval – Item # 81460 Pack of Two

2-round-806102” Round – Item # 80610 Pack of Two

3-round-806603” Round – Item # 80660 Pack of Two

4-Round-806404” Round – Item # 80640 Pack of Two

5×8-rectangle-815805” x 8” Rectangle – Item # 81580 Pack of Two

1.5×2-rectangle-811501.5” x 2” Rectangle – Item # 81150 Pack of Two

1.5×2-rectangle-811503” x 5” Rectangle – Item # 81350 Pack of Two

Topical Electrode

Specialty “treatment field” electrodes for treating two different, small anatomical treatment sites. Each electrode pad is independent and isolated from the other electrode pad.

4-field-topical-electrode4-Field Topical Electrode – Item # 77100

4-Field Electrode

Specialty “treatment field” electrode for treating into deeper tissue by internally connecting the two electrode pads and producing a small, concise stereotactic treatment area between the electrode pads, e.g. wrist pain conditions.

4-Field Electrode4-Field Electrode – Item #77110

Conductive Viscose Carbon Sponge

Hypoallergenic, dense viscose sponge material is engineered to not shred or breakdown under normal use and proper care. Available in different shapes and sizes to fit the appropriate carbon electrode.

4×6-oval-814614” x 6” Oval – Item # 81461 – Pack of 10

2-round-806112” Round – Item # 80611 – Pack of 10

3-round-806613” Round – Item # 80661 – Pack of 10

2-round-806114” Round – Item # 80641 – Pack of 10

4×7-rectangle-814714” x 7” Rectangle – Item # 81471 – Pack of 10

5×8-rectangle-815815” x 8” Rectangle – Item # 81581 – Pack of 10

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Conductive Vacuum Viscose Sponge

Hypoallergenic, dense viscose sponge material is engineered to not shred or breakdown under normal use and proper care. Sponge shredding can create pressure blockage in the vacuum electrode brass fittings. Available in different shapes and sizes to fit the appropriate vacuum cup electrode.

mini-vacuum (1)Mini Vacuum – Item # 85001 | Pack of 10

small-vacuumSmall Vacuum Item # 85101 – Pack of 10

standard-vacuum (1)Standard Vacuum Item # 85201-Y Pack of 10
Item # 85201-B – Pack of 10

large-vacuum (1)Large Vacuum Item # 85301 Pack of 10

large-quadra-spongeLarge Quadra Sponge – Item # 85451 – Pack of 2

Vacuum Electrode

Medical-grade silicone rubber electrode cups used in conjunction with the VP, VPX vasopneumatic device for delivering electrical signal energy to the patient. These cups are designed to work by allowing direct rhythmical forced air pressure (venturi effect) through a special, milled brass fitting to produce negative pressure under the cup.

mini-vacuum-electrodeMini Item # 85000

small-vacuum-electrodeSmall Item # 85100

standard-vacuum-electrodeStandard Item # 85200

large-vacuum-electrodeLarge Item # 85300

Treatment Pillow

Pillow view 2 (1)The Pillow is designed to securely hold and support two carbon graphite conductive electrodes. Water repellant pillow cover is easily removed for periodic cleaning. Ideal for hands-free, wrap-free anatomical placement on the patient (pillow sold separately). Item # 8000

Deluxe Fixation Wrap

deluxe-fixation-wrapExtra strong fixation wraps for securing electrodes to the body. Super stretchy and long-lasting custom elastic material with Velcro ends. Pack of 2. Item # 78150

Test Load

test-load-150×150Valuable Troubleshooting instrument to determine if a problem exists in the device itself or in the attached electrodes accessories. Item #TL8008

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