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The neoGEN® device is an Electric cell-Signaling device. Electric cell- Signaling Treatment (EcST) refers to the use of electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator (UHdfg). These therapeutic pulsed energy waves are comfortably and non-invasively delivered directly into the body’s desired anatomical region. The neoGEN–Series® signal energy waves, along with associated harmonic resonance frequencies, are used to physiologically imitate, exhaust or block certain functions of the amacrine, somatic or sympathetic nerve fibers for comprehensive patient treatment success. Even newer research involving electric signal energy waves with expanded and sweeping frequency at a quarter-tone scale rate are referred to as electric signal intonation (ESI).

To find a location near you, please refer to the Doctor List on the website. You can always contact RST-SANEXAS directly with any questions you may have.

With time and treatment, your symptoms may change; this indicates that you’re responding. A common example is how you may have experienced sitting on your foot and having it go numb; once you move, you experience tingling and some discomfort until it goes away. This demonstrates a lack of signaling in those nerves that is trying to restore to normal function. This response typically occurs after about two – three weeks of treatments. When this occurs, it is suggested to continue treatment and not take a break during that time. This window can possibly last a couple days to a week or so.

Typically, people are treated 2-3 times per week. However, treatment protocols will depend on the clinic and doctor you are seeing.

More is not always better. In some cases, sensory level dosages are optimum for improvement. It is always suggested to follow the direction of the clinician treating you.

Patient Testimonials

Doug D’Orio, APN & Owner of Anesu Restorative Care

“I live with chronic neck/back/leg pain and have had to undergo epidurals, steroid medication, and NSAIDS just to do what I have to do on a daily basis. After this treatment, I no longer need meds, injections, and have been able to do more than in the years past. I also have had a lot of improvement with my pain associated with neuropathy. I am grateful that this treatment has improved my quality of life and my professional ability.”

- Doug D'Orio, APN & Owner of Anesu Restorative Care


“Today is my last day after 36 treatments. My feet feel wonderful and I’m so grateful that I have this office in my backyard. The staff is great, and I’ve been on cloud 9 since I’ve had these neoGEN®️ treatments. Thank God for Anesu and all who work here.”

- K.B.

Lisa C-L.

“I suffered a fall while on vacation. Upon returning home, about two weeks the pain was so severe I couldn’t sit, stand, or walk for long. Pain was the worst! After receiving SANEXAS neoGEN®️ treatments for my back and legs, the pain is all but gone. I decided to do treatment for my pain associated with plantar fasciitis. This treatment really works. It is better than pain meds or physical treatment in my opinion. I would highly recommend this treatment and facility, Anesu Restorative Care. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.”

- Lisa C-L.


RST Sanexas Patient Testimonial Mo Image

“I had had horrible foot pain for years. Orthotics and medications did little to help me stay active. Things that should be fun, like golf, felt like a chore. I dreaded going to the grocery store because I knew I’d be in pain afterwards. My balance was so bad I joked that I probably wouldn’t pass a sobriety test.”

“After 2 weeks of treatment at Atlanta Neuropathy Clinic, I am definitely improving. Now, I look forward to yard work and trips to the grocery store. I was actually able to play back-to-back rounds of golf this week, something I hadn’t been able to do in over 4 years! Yesterday, I checked my heel-to-toe balance, and guess what, I could do it! I highly recommend this treatment.”

- MO



“I’ve suffered with neuropathy ever since I finished chemotherapy for cancer. I’ve tried everything that’s out there, prescription lotions, pills (I can’t tell you the number of pills.) I even flew to Texas for treatment. But I didn’t notice any difference. I was at my wits end.”

“Since starting here at Atlanta Neuropathy Clinic, I feel like I can walk without my cane in a safe area. My pain is much, much better. I’m actually looking forward to exercising again. I want to do the things I used to do, like travel with my hus- band. No one tells you that when you have something like this, your spouse suffers too. He’s deprived too. For the first time in a long time, I’m thinking about traveling. I’m actually optimistic about what lies ahead. I’m hopeful.”

- JR

Barbie Blank professionally known as “Kelly Kelly,” American professional wrestler and 2x champion with American WWE

Kelly Kelly

“I suffer from neck and back pain. Over the past 2 years, I have done everything I could do to relieve the pain – chiropractor, cupping….you name it, I’ve done it. So, finding RST-SANEXAS and doing this completely changed my life. I was in complete shock at how good I felt afterwards. It was like a miracle. Anybody out there, don’t give up. This is it!”

- Barbie Blank professionally known as “Kelly Kelly,” American professional wrestler and 2x champion with American WWE


Screenshot (730)

I have been seeing Dr. Kelberman at Westside Wellness Center in Los Angeles, CA for treating my peripheral neuropathy. This neoGEN® machine has made a huge difference in a really short period of time, and I am extremely grateful.



Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 10.54.08 AM

Part 1: In October 2012 Ralph was diagnosed with stage 4, acute myeloid leukemia and was hospitalized. Ten days later and after his first round of chemotherapy, hospital staff found Ralph on the floor with no pulse. CRP was started – after 15 minutes they got a pulse. After being comatose, ventilated, and extubated – 3 days later Ralph took a breath but remained comatose until December 2, 2012, when he WOKE UP! He didn’t remember his health crisis and found he was unable to move his legs. When the resident told him about his medical history, he thought he had entered the Twilight Zone. After 3 months, he was discharged to home care and given less than 6 months to get his affairs in order, but his expiration dates came and went. His health issues continued with a mini-stroke, respiratory arrests, insertion of a feeding tube, loss of sight in his left eye, and was bedridden, etc.

Part 2: His only daughter, Heather, was getting married in 2015 and he wanted to walk her down the aisle and officiate the ceremony. Mind you, he is still bed-ridden. To achieve this goal for his daughter’s big day, his physician agreed to put together a team to help him. Ralph asked that his rehabilitation be done secretly without family/friends’ knowledge. For 6 months he had a team of Occupational and Physical Therapists, Nutritionists, Social workers, and Psychologists come to his house to provide therapy for him while his family was at work. It started with simply sitting up on the edge of his bed to taking a few steps across the room. He worked hard and eventually improved to practicing outside the 50-foot walk he would make with Heather the day before the wedding on October 10, 2015. His only request was there would be no videos taken in fear of falling or embarrassing his daughter as he walked her to the alter, however, his younger brother was not aware of Ralph’s request and videoed the entire event. It ended up on YouTube and 2 days later the phone started to ring. Unbeknown to Ralph, the video went viral prompting TV vans, Radio stations, and newsletter executives from a tri-state area to show up outside his house the following day requesting interviews. To date, his video has over 4 million views worldwide! Fast forward 6 years later to Today: January 2021 Ralph saw a small ad about a new clinic, New Life Wellness in Windham, ME offering neuropathy treatment. He called, set up an appointment, and drove 50 miles for an RST-SANEXAS neoGEN Electric cell-Signaling Treatment. He had treatments 2x’s per week in March and April. Towards the middle of April during the middle of the night, he woke up to his legs feeling like they weighed a ton. He said “something is happening with my legs” and decided to return to New Life Wellness for more treatments. Ralph wanted to learn more about how ECST technology was helping to improve the quality of his life when everything else he tried over the past years was unsuccessful. He traveled to Las Vegas to receive more RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® treatment to help focus on the improved outcome. He arrived using his motorized wheelchair for his consultation with a physical therapist who planned to work with him throughout the week on a customized treatment plan. Once he was comfortable, his first treatment began on his legs and arms. The following day, he left his whee chair at his hotel and walked without assistance to receive his next series of treatments. His ability to walk up and down steps albeit slow was a definite improvement. He felt certain that returning home and receiving more RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® treatments would benefit his muscle re-education of his legs and arms and overall general health. When all the odds were stacked against him, Ralph survived when his diagnosis was considered extremely grave and seemed impossible. He looks forward to returning to a better quality of life. All of us at RST-SANEXAS wish him continued good health and a long and happy quality of life. HOPE is powerful!!

- Ralph

Robert M.

“I checked out Dr. Odell on the computer before coming to him. I found that it was all true—5 stars all the way. The staff is great, friendly, helpful, and they know what they are doing. Best of all, after treatments on the neoGEN® machine, I now have feeling in my feet after ten years of numbness.”

- Robert M.

Ralph Duquette

Ralph Duquette

“Since last August 2021, I have continued the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® treatments. It has been an additional two months more on the machine and I can report that my legs are improving to the point where my feet have started to feel the inside of my socks, which is something new. I am also able to walk more outside. I did some small raking of leaves on my back lawn without falling. I can’t wait to get outside and shovel snow, just kidding. About a few weeks ago. I started walking on the treadmill using just one hand. Prior to that I was hanging on for dear life.”

- Ralph Duquette

Michael “The Bounty” Hunter II, 2-time 2012 Olympian Heavyweight Boxer

Michael “The Bounty” Hunter II

“She put me on the neoGEN® machine, and I mean right now I’m not feeling the same pain which is crazy. It has dissipated. And my knee…I also have a knee injury which we worked really hard on today. She put a lot of electrodes on my knee, and after 1 20-minute period, my knee seems to be moving perfectly good and the pain has dissipated too. So, I’m going to continue to keep getting these.”

- Michael “The Bounty” Hunter II, 2-time 2012 Olympian Heavyweight Boxer

Kim Benanzon

“My husband has a pain disorder caused by inflammation of the arachnoid and has had 3 rounds of RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® treatments. He had an MRI before his treatment and another one after his 3rd treatment. Comparing his latest MRI results he had more red blood cells in his spine after the 3 neoGEN® treatments showing significant improvement. We are very excited about this. He wants to continue more treatment since he hasn’t found any other treatments that have helped him, and he is in significant chronic pain all the time.”

- Kim Benanzon

Allan Mellan

“My name is Allan Mellan and I am a professional caddy on the Champions Tour. At the end of Dec. 2019, I developed drop foot. It was bad enough I couldn’t entertain the idea of going back to work. As luck would have it, Dr. Ungar obtained the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® machine in the middle of Jan 2020. Before I completed my 24-treatment program, I went back to work. If not for Dr. Ungar and the neoGEN® device, this would not have happened! I highly recommend this treatment program.”

- Allan Mellan

John Hill

John Hill

John was born with an unusual congenital condition that caused limitations on performing normal child/young adult activities. It wasn’t until he was 27 years old when he started finding sporting activities more difficult, intense headaches, weakness in his left leg, and issues with coordination. On his wife’s advice, he made an appointment with a neurologist who ordered an MRI. After reviewing the results of the MRI, John was referred to a neurosurgeon who diagnosed him with Arnold Chiari Malfunction, a condition in which his spinal cord extends into the brain. It occurs when part of the skull is abnormally small or misshapen, pressing on your brain and forcing it downward. John’s prognosis was not very good and was told he may not live past the age of 30 without corrective surgery. He elected to have the surgery and proceeded to go through a long physical therapy program to help him walk and talk again as well as re-learn other routine activities. Over the years he has maintained annual appointments with his neurosurgeon and follow-up MRI to monitor his conditions.

Three years ago, at the age of 51, John was diagnosed with foot drop by his neurologist and was fitted with a foot brace. Summer 2020 while vacationing with his uncle, Dave Harless, (ENFD National Accounts Manager with Bako Diagnostics) Dave recommended that he try neoGEN® treatments to help improve his foot drop condition. John made an appointment on July 13, 2020, with Dr. Jennifer Martin at Neuropathy Treatment Clinic of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK and began his Electric cell-Signaling Treatments (EcST) 2 times per week, 15-20 minutes per session for the next 12 weeks starting with electrodes on his upper and lower extremities. After 16 of the 24 treatments, John was awakened in the middle of the night with some burning symptoms in his upper left thigh. The burning sensation went away with more treatments and his toes began to move during treatments. His nerves were “waking up.” He started to notice that his foot drop walk and gait were also improving.

On September 13, 2021, John had his annual appointment with his neurosurgeon. His doctor put him through various tests to check his foot/leg muscle strength. His foot drop had improved by 90%. In fact, his neurosurgeon said, “if I didn’t know better, I’d say you never had foot drop!” John told him about the neoGEN® treatments he was receiving from Dr. Jennifer Martin. His neurosurgeon was so impressed with John’s recovery that he wanted to learn more from Dr. Martin about the treatments.

“It’s almost like I have a new lease on life!”

- John Hill

Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown

“While serving in Vietnam I was exposed to a defoliate called “Agent Orange”. One of the many side effects is diabetes/pain associated with neuropathy. I have been blessed to find and receive treatment by the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device that has saved my feet! I pray that anyone that is suffering from pain associated with neuropathy in any part of their body will take advantage of this miracle therapy.”

- Kenny Brown
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