Neuropathy Treatment: Transforming chronic disease healthcare treatment through Quantum Technologies.

RST aims to establish itself as the undisputed world leader in Quantum based electronic medical technology and treatment.  The cornerstone of our business includes the highest ethical standards, the most advanced technology, a tenacious clinical research program, and a strong customer focus.

Our history

Resonant Specific Technologies, Inc. (RST), is a privately held Nevada C-Corporation that was formed to integrate the laws of physics with advanced electronic engineering. The staff and consultant advisors of RST are made up of several prominent MD’s, DO’s and scientific PhD’s to focus on the pain, circulatory and rehabilitation sector of modern healthcare and to target non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, quantum physics-based treatment options.

For three decades, our ardent, progressive research team members have been developing, refining, clinically testing, test-marketing and authoring scientific papers with its breakthrough electric cell signaling and quantum-based harmonic resonant frequency technologies.

In 1995, RST-Sanexas medical devices were revamped to use quantum-based communications-level technology with both frequency modulation (FM), as well as the typical amplitude modulated (AM) electronic signals. To this day, amplitude modulation (AM) signals represents 99% of all marketed TENS type devices even though the human body operates exclusively by (FM) frequency modulated energy.

In 1996, after exhaustive clinical application data was received, a new electronic signal generating Patent was issued (UHdfg). The Patent covers this brand new advanced random, yet sequential AM/FM signal generation technique with spread spectrum frequency hopping technology (FHSS).RST-Sanexas technology is still fundamentally more advanced than any other electromedical device in use today and is the number-one rated pain modality available to the healthcare industry.

Our commitment to healthcare professionals

Optimize treatment protocols and clinical support to your patient response.
Continue to provide available research papers to elevate the level of clinical expertise in Electric Cell Signaling (ECS) and other appropriate, patient-effective integrative therapies.
Thoroughly train your selected employees in the field of ECS procedures and patient application techniques. We offer comprehensive continuing education programs and will assist you in the Electric Cell Signaling Certification process.
Assist Business Managers with coding issues and reimbursement from third-party insurers.
“The potential long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects of some electrical currents are based on basic physical and biochemical facts listed in the text below, namely that of stimulating and signaling effective and long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects in nerve and muscle cells. The safety of electrotherapeutic treatments in general and EST in particular has been established through extensive clinical use.”

- Robert H. Odell, Jr., MD, PhD, and Richard E. Sorgnard, PhD