Instant Patient Acquisition Plan (iPAc)

(iPAc) Comprehensive “Turnkey” Direct Patient Marketing

The iPAc Plan was created to solve a long time, on-going concern for all physicians. How to regularly acquire enough new quality patients for the medical practice to continue to grow and thrive.In-house guesswork and risk are essentially removed from the economic business equation when it comes to marketing and advertising options for the medical practice.  The iPAc Plan addresses all the pertinent issues involved in effectively and efficiently acquiring these new qualified patients for the practice.  

A strategic alliance between the Keith Day, International Institute for Chronic Disease (IICD) and RST-Sanexas has led to the development of the Instant Patient Acquisition Plan (iPAc), fees apply.

Electric Cell Signaling (EST) Treatment

RST-Sanexas - Electric Cell Signaling (ECS) for pain, inflammation and circulatory management.

RCS treatments are are noninvasive and billable. Treatment is delivered by varying electric fields, electromagnetic vector potentials and chaotic frequency-specific microtubule vibration, to tissues, primarily in the affected area and are induced to reestablish normal cellular healing processes.

Due to:

  • pH normalization
  • Hormone/ligand activity imitation
  • Trophic improvement
  • Improved membrane permeability
  • Immune system support (Gap Junction) via improved cell-to-cell communication
  • Activation of Regeneration…Cell repair and normalization (cAMP)
RST-Sanexas is backed by over 30 patient studies.
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Our Part
  • We deliver qualified ECS patient leads, via highly specialized demographic and personal data analysis within a 25 miles radius of your clinic.
  • We facilitate via an offsite call center, a 4-tier qualification protocol for all new prospective patients, that include pharmacology, ailment, location and income and credit standing.
  • We facilitate introductory lectures to those prospects and provide “Live” professional speaker presentations to patients on your behalf.  Covering subjects such as ECS, CIPN, diabetic neuropathy, etc.
  • We manage and track all RSVP's and provide you the essential data to enable cross marketing possibilities beyond the initial program.
  • We teach your organization new patient acquisition planning and intake. We historically average 25-50 new qualified patients for the practice per each iPAc professional speaking series.
  • We provide a one week in-Clinic staff training.
Your Part

- Learn these ongoing strategies from us:

  • Greeting the Patient and introduction to clinic services
  • Reviewing patient data and information intake
  • Patient interview process and system
  • The techniques of listening to a patient, including what they don’t say
  • How to ask focused quality of life questions; differential diagnosis
  • Learning the art of creating patient healthcare ownership
  • Patient progression – handing off to the Clinic.
  • The critical process of scheduling patient’s Day-2 return - Creating Scarcity
  • Importance of “THE TEAM”- cohesive staff in purpose, tone and care
  • Report of Findings and healthcare recommendations
  • Provider’s transition of the patient to the Case Manager
  • Case Manager reviews patient’s data and confirms patient’s statements
  • Case Manager presents and explains unique treatment protocol
  • Developing and reinforcing treatment value above the patient’s perceived fear
  • Becoming a "financial solutions expert” - cash vs insurance reimbursement
  • Case Manager’s post-close, documentation and patient finalization
  • Patient’s orientation to treatment and expected clinical outcomes

- Host presentations we give on your behalf
- Work with us on targeted marketing campaigns

iPAc Additional Operational Expenses

RST-Sanexas will provide direct access (no middleman) to the marketing/mailing organization that will provide targeted mailings to drive potential clients to 2-3 personalized talks. These mailers (quantity and type) are based upon our history and overall success in acquiring new qualified patients for the practice.  The physician will pay the marketing/mailing organization directly upon final approval of the customized emailing piece, but the physician can also finance the actual mailings for 90 days to alleviate additional out-of-pocket expenses prior to the patient acquisition talks and Clinic implementation.

Our associated “off-site” Call Center will receive all inquiries from the customized mailing. These potential patients are requalified (4-level vetting) and booked to attend one of the personalized talks.  The Call Center confirms (twice) all RSVPs and provides all booking arrangements to the talks and to the respective appointments at the Clinic.  Any no-shows will be recalled by the Call Center and reinvite them to another talk. The physician will consistently have full transparent access to the Call Center at no additional cost.

Our staff will assist in restaurant/venue development and will suggest an appropriate cost-effective, quality menu based upon our history of iPAc success.  The physician is responsible for the actual meal costs as they occur.
For as long as the physician/Clinic remains a active client of RST-Sanexas, marketing consultation and coaching support to acquire new patients is provided via telephone or email.  Additional hands-on, speaking, consultation arrangements, etc. can be negotiated

So what’s next?

We’re ready to assist you and your patients in the effective treatment of pain.

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RST Sanexas is a leading provider of Electric Cell Signaling Treatment systems, providing clinics and specialists with an alternative way to effectively manage pain.

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