Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

“Over the years, I found that the RST-SANEXAS advanced electromedical neoGEN® device produced favorable results for patients suffering from pain associated with neuropathy and other painful conditions. After becoming an interventional pain management specialist, I was likely the first substantial user of the RST-SANEXAS technology (since 2003). I authored most of RST-SANEXAS research papers in using the quantum-based advanced technology to relieve pain for patients with the most challenging conditions. Our protocol is the gold standard around the country for treating distal symmetric neuropathy. There are many imitating it, but results are always optimized with the use of SANEXAS.

Regarding some of the other pain conditions that I have treated, many of my patients come in as a last resort hoping I can relieve their pain and reduce their pain medications. One diabetic patient suffered with peripheral neuropathy, but her pain got worse when she was bitten on her foot by a recluse spider. After almost giving up on her life, she saw one of my TV commercials and decided she had nothing to lose and called the next morning for an appointment. She was taking a substantial amount of opioids, enough for a 300 pound male, but she was a small, young woman. Her neoGEN® treatments were done twice a week for 4 months. She improved, stopped taking her medications and returned to the active lifestyle she enjoyed. Her hobbies included water skiing, hiking, and she returned to a rescue organization that she volunteered with. She told me, “I am enjoying my life again! Opioid free. Something I never thought would happen! I am me again, doing the things I love.”

As an Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Physician, I have treated hundreds of patients like her and they have found HOPE. With the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device as well as other interventional pain treatments and procedures performed at Neuropathy and Pain Center of Las Vegas, my staff and I take great pride in treating a broad spectrum of debilitating conditions successfully. Our greatest reward is to relieve our patient’s chronic pain, and RST-SANEXAS is a cornerstone of those efforts.”