Marketing Director Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas – Tyler, TX

“RST-SANEXAS and the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® system really made a positive impact in our community. We serve people in a rural Texas area. We have patients coming in, driving anywhere from 30, 50, and sometimes 100 miles to get treatments twice a week. Our typical results are 85% success rate. How we measure success is that patients have greatly reduced symptoms from pain, numbness, and sharp burning sensations. It is fun to watch them go thru the process of healing. They come in debilitated sometimes having to use assistance to come in the door and graduate from our treatment program not using assistance anymore. We had one patient that was driving 3 hours each way to our clinic. He was a lead engineer of a nuclear power plant. He asked his company for time off and his internist for short-term disability. He would drive in, get a hotel room, and receive treatment. He could not climb to the top of ladders, wear his cowboy boots, or function in his job anymore. After he graduated from our program, he went right back to work, bought new cowboy boots, and completely changed his life. He is our poster child that spreads the news about the RST-SANEXAS technology.”