Hope Cancer Center of Nevada – Las Vegas, NV

“I am Dr. Raja Mehdi, Medical Oncologist and Founder of Hope Cancer Care of Nevada. I received my medical degree from Aga Khan University Medical College in Karachi, Pakistan. I completed my residency in Internal Medicine as Chief Resident at Case Western Reserve University at St. Vincent Hospital in Cleveland, OH and went on to practice for more than five years at Comprehensive Cancer Center at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, KS. In 2009 I started Hope Cancer Care of Nevada to develop more effective methods to treat cancer patients by focusing on the entire individual.

Unfortunately, most chemotherapy produces severe painful side effects such as chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. This common nerve disorder can cause weakness, numbness, tingling and severe pain to the point that many of our chemotherapy patients would rather discontinue their treatment protocol because their neuropathy condition becomes excruciating and intolerable. We refer our patients to Robert Odell, MD, PhD, founder of Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Las Vegas. As a practicing pain management physician, Dr. Odell has extensive experience with a wide range of non-interventional and interventional acute and chronic pain management techniques and uses the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN® device. The majority of patients we referred to Dr. Odell were able to finish their chemotherapy regimen and wean off medications for neuropathy.

Referring our patients to Dr. Odell’s clinic has been a blessing. My advice is to “start the dialogue with your oncologist on seeking treatment for this side effect. When breast cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy, pain associated with neuropathy is gonna happen. Do not wait. Get treatment for the condition. Most patients minimize the side effects because they are dealing with so much. Be proactive and seek a way of controlling the pain associated with neuropathy now before it gets too bad.”