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June 14, 2021
Pain Management

neoGEN-Series® Healthcare for Professionals - Pain Management

RST SANEXAS is proud to have developed neo-GEN-Series® equipment to approach pain management in a revolutionary way. By altering the way cells send chemicals among themselves, the neoGEN-Series® machine reduces pain to improve the quality of life for many people with chronic health conditions. There are many neoGEN-Series® healthcare professionals applications, so the machine is a worthwhile investment for many practitioners. This non-invasive treatment is safe and effective, making it a wonderful tool for relieving chronic pain. This equipment can be used in many settings.

Neurological Practices

In addition to treating head and brain injuries, neurologists also work with nerves and spinal cords. Because nerves signal pain to the brain, they are responsible for many chronic pain conditions such as peripheral neuropathy. The neoGEN-Series® machine is a cell signaling device that uses quantum mechanics to disrupt the pain signals that are sent to the brain. This electric cell signaling technology retrains the nerves, so patients experience reduced pain levels.

There are few side effects associated with the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series® machine, and neurologists use it to treat an array of chronic conditions, including those listed below.

  • Disuse atrophy
  • Pain syndromes
  • Muscle spasms
  • Neuromuscular training
  • Nerve regeneration


The RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series® device also helps medical professionals who work in a hospital setting to provide better pain management. It is an effective way to keep pain levels under control after major surgery. Cell signaling has also been proven to improve blood circulation and organ function for improved health. By stimulating the calf muscles, the signal energy waves improve nerve health and reduce the risk of phlebothrombosis.

Patients often feel the healing effects of this electric cell signaling treatment (EcST) immediately after receiving it. When used in a hospital setting, the device can speed up recovery from surgery and reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals needed so patients may be discharged more quickly. This treatment also offers long-lasting results, so patients do not have to seek out additional medical help after being released from the hospital. Having this device in a hospital allows medical professionals to treat many patients in a short amount of time. Healthcare providers may use the device to treat a broad range of health conditions that result in chronic pain so patients can get back to their normal lives more quickly.

Rehabilitation Clinics

Not only does the RST-SANEXAS electric signaling treatment help with pain management, but it also aids in nerve regeneration. It is a great treatment protocol for helping people overcome a traumatic memory. While keeping pain levels under control, the device also stimulates the nerves to retrain the muscles and prevent spasms. This non-invasive electric cell signaling treatment also helps improve energy levels so people can recover from accidents more quickly.

Reasons To Use the neoGEN-Series® Device in Your Practice

Many chronic health conditions result in pain, and patients need relief if they want to improve their quality of life. The revolutionary device developed by Morhea Technologies and RST SANEXAS offers pain relief that is fast, effective, and long-lasting. It is also a drug-free method of pain relief, so there is no risk for addiction to oral narcotics. Rather than only treating the pain associated with a handful of health conditions, this device can be used in a variety of ways to help with many health problems. Your investment in this device will always pay off because healthcare practitioners can use it to provide pain relief for a vast array of patients, from people struggling with muscle spasms to patients with circulation issue and even those dealing with peripheral neuropathy.

You can think of the RST-SANEXAS neoGEN-Series® device like the fork that is used to tune a piano. Instead of managing pain for a short period of time while the body recovers from an accident or adjusts to a chronic health problem, this device simply changes the way cells receive signals from the brain. By altering the way the body reacts to pain, this machine delivers long-lasting results. that may only need to be adjusted every few years. Before it is Drug-free and non-invasive, this machine is one of the top new ways to provide pain relief for a variety of patients.

The neoGEN-Series® machine developed by RST-SANEXAS is a safe, non-invasive treatment to relieve chronic pain and improve quality of life. Because it can be used to treat patients in a wide variety of settings, this device is a wonderful investment for many types of healthcare professionals. Contact RST-SANEXAS for more information on how the neoGEN-Series® device can benefit your practice.